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Denise Borraz Trepat is an Actor/Actor Combatant born and raised in Spain. Her theatrical journey brought her to the US four years ago where she launched her career with roles such as Simonne in Marat/Sade, Peter in Peter and the Starcatcher and most recently Young Woman in Machinal. Those first two roles resulted in two consecutive Irene Ryan nominations from the Kennedy Center for the Arts.
Denise started her training in Spain, where she joined a theatre company at the early age of 8. In 2014, after some Musical Theatre studies in the Aula Municipal de Teatre in Lleida and ten years of piano lessons at the Conservatory Municipal de Lleida, Denise decided to fly across the world and purse her BFA in Acting at Adelphi University, NY. There, Denise started developing her craft and discovered the world of Stage Combat. 

Denise became an Actor Combatant through the mentorship of Ray Rodriguez. She has achieved recommended certifications by the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) in Broadsword, Small Sword and Unarmed and basic certifications in Sword and Shield and Single Sword. While at school, she was cast to perform in five productions and work with directors that have played an important role in her training such as Brian Rose, Maggie Lally and Jamianne Devlin. While at Adelphi University, Denise was introduced to Acting techniques such as Stanislavski, Meisner, Suzuki, Grotowski and Chekhov.

Three years ago Denise also joined The Living Theatre Workshop where she was able to work on improvisation exercises with Lois Kagan Mingus. During the summer of 2016, Denise was accepted to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts summer intensive (Level 2) where she was able to start her camera training. Denise has been recently taking tap, ballet and jazz dance classes to broaden her training at the Broadway Dance Center. To this day, Denise continues to train in every aspect of her theatrical career with every opportunity she gets, always looking to challenge herself.

Denise’s other important credits and performances that took place in Spain include Doña Inés in Don Juan Tenorio and Katrin Sveg in The Marriage-Go-Round. She has also been part of musicals such as Beauty and the Beast, where she played Babette and multiple poetry reading events focused on Spanish authors such as Ruben Dario, Miguel Hernandez and Pablo Neruda.

Denise’s multiple skills include four languages in which she is fluent (Spanish, French, Catalan and English) and two languages in which she has basic knowledge (Latin, translate; Italian, read). She is also a big lover of Philosophy, her Minor in college. Denise wrote a thesis in 2014 about Existentialist Theatre and has continued to read and write philosophy on her free time. Denise is also trained in basic Karate and tennis; two disciplines that complement her movement training. Most importantly, Denise follows a really natural and holistic lifestyle, training her mind and body through yoga and following a Paleo based diet. Denise is also a lover of traveling and has already been in 25 different countries. 

If there was one quote to describe Denise it would definitely be a quote inspired by one of her mentors, Maggie Lally:
”Make a bold choice and if  you fail, fail gloriously”

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